Drum Brake Hardware

Carlson’s drum brake kits make installation easy because each kit comes with everything you need to complete the job the first time.

Ready When You Are

Each of our four drum brake kits includes the parts you need, whether you’re replacing the adjusting part, doing a complete axle job, restoring the parking brake and more. Plus, every part you use meets or exceeds the OEM specs so you can be confident your drum brakes will work long after you finish the job.

Drum All-In-One Kit

Contains all hold down parts and return springs necessary for a complete axle drum brake job. Keeps brake shoes in proper position and returns them to proper resting state after braking for optimal performance and extended life.

Drum Self-Adjusting Kit

Contains everything you need to replace the critical drum brake system adjusting part. This ensures adjustments take place at proper intervals, helping to improve the life and performance of the braking system.

Drum Brake ProKit

Contains everything you need to compete a full axle installation, including return springs, hold down parts, shoe pins, adjusting springs, levers, parking brake springs, and adjusting screws.

Parking Brake Hardware Kit

This kit includes return springs, hold down parts, adjusting screws, and adjusting springs to prevent premature brake wear and restore brakes to like-new performance.

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