Finally. The All-in-One Brake Job Completion Kit.

BEFORE THE KIT: Finding parts was tough, multiple orders were a hassle, knock-off parts didn’t fit, and you ended up with a partial brake job that still left you with noisy brakes.


NOW, WITH THE CARLSON KIT: You get all the parts you need in one box (besides the pads and rotors). Best of all, you’re organized and in control because Carlson's OEM-quality parts fit for a thorough, complete job and like- new brake performance every time.

What is a Carlson brake job completion kit?

Before the completion kit was available, you would have to make several separate purchases. Plus, you'd probably forget the important "extras" like brake cleaner, sandpaper, shop rag and grease.

With the Carlson Brake Job Completion Kit, you'll get everything you need to restore your brakes to “like new” performance except the pads and rotors. Studies have shown that a brake job done without replacing all the hardware can result in brake noise and premature wear on your new pads.

Replacing the hardware is a low-cost, high-benefit investment to ensure that your vehicle performs the way the manufacturer intended. Nothing is more important than having confidence that your brakes will perform when you need them.

The Brake Job Completion Kit is a time and money saver. Everything you need for your specific vehicle other than the pads and rotors is in one, cost-effective bundle. The kit includes ALL the brake hardware you need to do the job right, incliuding the clips, brake cleaner, grease, sand paper and a shop towel.

Carlson makes a complete brake job easy.

(Kit contents will vary based on your vehicle.)

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Say goodbye to hunting for parts

Buying brake parts is a hassle. It means hunting down kits for pins, clips, rotors, and pads for your car, plus things like sandpaper and grease. Carlson’s new kit gives you everything in one easy step.

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Save your time, save your money

Buying multiple kits costs more and chews up your time before you even get to work. Carlson makes it easy by giving you all the brake hardware you need in one kit.

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OEM-quality parts that are verified to fit

Isn’t it frustrating when you buy parts that don’t fit? Carlson parts are engineered and verified on your same model brake system, using our library of 3,000-plus OEM calipers. We make sure our parts fit every time.

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What matters most: get great braking

The problem with pad-slap brake jobs is you reuse old parts that are as worn-out as the pads. That means sub-par performance, if not spongy or soft brakes. Carlson makes it easy to get a complete brake job for “like new” braking.

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Shut the squeak up

Everyone hates squeaky brakes, which are often caused by worn out parts that interact with the pads and caliper. Carlson gives you ALL the parts you need for quiet, "like new" braking. Easy-peasy.

OEM-quality clips

OEM-quality clips for your new pads

Clips hold your pads in place, but over time, heat changes cause them to lose their tensile strength. That can lead to brake noise and premature, uneven wear on your new pads. New clips ensure you get like-new brake performance.

guide pins

New pins to float your calipers

Most disc brakes rely on guide pins to float calipers in and out. But those pins can rust and seize, causing uneven and premature pad wear and noise. Replacing the guide pin is critical to a safe, complete brake job.


Boots & bushings prevent seizing

When rubber bushings or boots crack, they let in moisture and rust that can cause drag and pin seizure. Replacing the boots and bushings with every brake job protects your guide pins from moisture so they continue to work safely.

parking brake parts

OEM-quality parking brake parts

Just like your main brakes, the parking brake hardware becomes fatigued over time. Replace all hardware to ensure your entire brake system is delivering like-new performance.

New drum
brake hardware

On drum brakes, the spring between the brake and wheel cylinder weakens over time, while dirt and grime degrade performance. Carlson includes new hardware for like-new drum brake performance.

New drum
brake self-adjuster

On drum brakes, the self-adjuster prevents pedal fade and gives you stopping power. But it gets worn, rusted and dirty, so it’s critical to replace so you have confidence in your brake system.

Silicone grease

If you don't lubricate guide pins right, you'll get a seized caliper. That's why we include silicone grease -- not petroleum-based grease (which degrades rubber boots and bushings). Carlson includes silicone grease, so you'll do the job right.

tub o towels

Keep stuff clean

After thousands of miles, your calipers and brackets get dirty, so what do you clean them with? Your Carlson kit includes a 10"x12" industrial-strength wipe to clean off the dirt, grime and rust for like-new appearance.


Sand it down, smooth it out

When you take your rotor off, you’ll need to get rust off the hub and caliper bracket. To help, we’ve enclosed a 9”x11” sheet of 120-grit, aluminum oxide sandpaper.

shop towel

The shop towel

Carlson is all about making things easy, so your kit includes a 12” x 14” white, 100% cotton reusable shop towel.

PLEASE NOTE: Always follow your OEM guidelines when changing your brakes. Never lubricate your rotors, shoes or front of pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Brake Job Completion Kit?

The Brake Job Completion Kit solves several issues when completing a brake job. First of all, too often a brake job is performed without changing the hardware. This results in uneven, premature wear on the new pads and is often the cause of unwanted brake noise. The only way to achieve like-new brake performance is to change all the hardware with every job.


This brings us to the second problem, which is that in the past, finding all the hardware you needed for a complete brake job was a tedious and annoying task, requiring multiple purchases. With this simple and comprehensive kit, Carlson makes it easy to be confident that you have everything you need in one box from a quality supplier you can trust.

Why can’t I reuse the old hardware?

Every time you press on the brake, you create heat and friction that over time wears down your brake system, not only the pads but also the hardware. Even when it’s not visible to the eye, by the time your pads are worn your hardware is unable to function as intended. The hardware plays an important role in ensuring the safety and function of your brakes and should be changed with every brake job to ensure that your brake system is delivering the safety you expect.

I always change the brake clips. Isn’t this enough?

Clips are a good start, but brake hardware includes many additional important components, including bushings, pin boots and guide pins. Above we’ve outlined how each of these parts plays a critical role in the brake system. Not replacing any of these parts can lead to complications and inferior brake performance. Given the relatively small cost of hardware in comparison to the overall brake job, it’s a smart investment to extend the life of your pads and get the best performance possible from your brakes.