July 29, 2013
For immediate release

Today Carlson announced the availability of two new products in its portfolio of quality brake parts: the Low Frequency Damper and Copper Nickel Tubing.

Carlson Copper Nickel Tubing is designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, accommodating any brake repair while supplying strength and durability for the life of the vehicle. Based on independent laboratory testing, Carlson Copper Nickel Tubing outperforms the leading competitor in terms of wall thickness, tensile strength and burst strength-failure. This bendable, dependable brake tubing is available in 25-foot coils in two sizes (3/16” and 1/4” ) and can be easily installed in automotive, farm and industrial applications.

Carlson’s Low Frequency Damper brings a technology to the aftermarket that is already common on many Original Equipment European vehicles and since 2011 has become standard equipment on several U.S. vehicles, such as the Ford 150, Ford Edge, Ford Ranger, Chevy Volt and Chevy Cruze. The damper incorporates a silicone spring which effectively reduces low frequency brake noise, such as the moan and squeal noises which typically come from front and rear disc brakes when soft braking at low speeds. Carlson’s Low Frequency Damper can be retro-fitted to most pre-2011 vehicles that experience moans and squeals from the front and rear disc brakes, with installation taking only minutes. In contrast to the Carlson “Quiet Caliper Clips” and “Pad Shims,” which reduce high frequency brake noise, the Carlson Low Frequency Damper concentrates on removing the annoying moan and squeal of low frequency noises.

“Carlson is proud to provide its customers a full portfolio of solutions for brake hardware,” said Tony Drerup, President, Carlson Quality Brake Parts. “Our new Low Frequency Damper and Copper Nickel Tubing meet the high quality standards that our customers have come to expect from the Carlson brand.”

About Carlson
As an innovator in domestic and foreign brake hardware, Carlson Quality Brake Parts delivers state-of-the-art brake materials across all channels of the automotive aftermarket, including, but not limited to light and medium duty trucks. Our mission is to provide our customers and distributors with the highest quality products while servicing the automotive aftermarket with unparalleled customer service that demonstrates flexibility and consistency. Our proprietary processes and product procedures combine with exceptional on-time delivery, competitively priced products and unique availability, allowing Carlson Quality Brake Parts to remain a leader in aftermarket brake hardware. To find out more about how Carlson can service your automotive hardware needs, carlson.live.alterisgroup.net.

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