June 10, 2013
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Many of the leading automotive radio shows recently welcomed experts from Carlson Quality Brake Parts to discuss the importance of replacing brake hardware. Notable radio programs included Under the Hood, Sam’s Garage, the C.A.R. Show, the Car Doctor and Bobby Likis Car Clinic.

“Many people don’t realize that brake hardware is often not changed when new brake rotors and pads are installed,” said Joe McIsaac of Carlson Quality Brake Parts. “Brake hardware is subject to the same heat, moisture and corrosion that wear out rotors and pads, and it’s important to make sure a new hardware kit is included when making a brake repair.”

A new hardware kit runs about $10 to $20, a small fraction of an overall brake replacement but an important element which helps ensure new pads and rotors will last for their recommended life and perform as they should. The radio hosts discussed how brake hardware, such as adjustment springs and abutment clips, often wear out but are not replaced which cause a variety of problems, the most common being brake noise. Brake drag, grinding, poor pedal feel and uneven pad wear are also common problems due to worn brake hardware.

“Most of the hardware is already removed when your pads and rotors are replaced, so it only takes a few extra minutes to install new hardware instead of replacing the old, worn parts,” said McIsaac. “It really is an easy, low cost way to protect your investment in new brake pads or shoes.”

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