Heavy Duty Hardware for Commercial Vehicles

Keep your customer happy by making sure every vehicle in the fleet is safe on the road.


Commercial vehicles put on a lot of miles over varying terrain and through all kinds of weather, so the brakes have got to work. That’s why Carlson’s heavy-duty hardware for commercial vehicles restores brakes to like-new performance. Using Carlson brake hardware eliminates premature wear and prolongs the life of new pads, which means there’s less down time for each vehicle.

Hardware for Every Fleet

Changing brake pads without replacing the old hardware means more noise, heat buildup, and customer comebacks. Replacing the hardware not only reduces noise and heat buildup but also minimizes brake drag, reduces premature pad wear and can improve fuel mileage. The longer the pad life, the longer the vehicle stays on the road and the happier your customer will be.


Carlson heavy duty brake hardware is designed to meet the specs of multiple brake types and systems. Click the link for a full list of hardware kits with corresponding FMSI #s.

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