Finish the Job the Right Way

To complete the brake job, don’t forget the parking brake hardware.


DIH braking systems don’t dissipate heat as well as Disc brakes. The excess heat weakens springs, which can cause the shoes to vibrate, score the drums or lock the brakes. Weakened springs can also stretch and lose the ability to completely retract the shoes from the drums. In fact, DIH spring tension can be reduced 30% in only one to two years.

Benefits of New Drum-in-Hat Brake Hardware

The Drum-in-Hat Parking Brake is designed to bypass the hydraulic braking system to stop the car in an emergency or keep it in place when parked. However, heat and corrosion can damage critical brake hardware components and make the brake dysfunctional. That’s why Carlson has the parking brake hardware to cover more than 163 million cars and light to heavy duty trucks on the road today.


DIH parking brake kits include all the parts you need to completely replace the old hardware and maximize braking performance. New return springs, hold down parts, adjusting screws, and adjusting springs both minimize brake drag for better gas mileage and prevent premature brake wear.

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