June 2, 2015
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Carlson Quality Brake Parts today announced a new innovation in brake hardware that accomplishes the dual benefits of reducing drag and reducing brake noise. Carlson’s QuietGlide® brake pad abutment clips are the industry’s first aftermarket brake clips using the combination of stainless steel construction, PTFE coating and vulcanized rubber.

Manufactured from stainless steel to resist corrosion and improve durability, while featuring a coating of vulcanized rubber to reduce brake noise and a low-friction PTFE coating on the brake pad contact side of the clip to reduce drag.

According to Chris Miller, Product Development Engineer, Carlson Quality Brake Parts, brake clips coated with low-friction PTFE deliver a 60 percent reduction in kinetic friction or brake drag in comparison to brake clips that are not coated. A reduction in brake drag extends the life of brake pads and helps increase fuel economy.

Miller explained the other side of the brake clips is coated with a vulcanized rubber compound that significantly reduces brake noise, which is the primary complaint of consumers with respect to the performance of their vehicle’s brakes.

“Consumers are unaware that when they replace their brake pads and shoes, they also need to ask their automotive technician to replace their brake hardware, including their brake clips,” Miller said, adding that brake noise is reduced by more than 70 db – or as loud as a household vacuum – when replacing brake pads and brake hardware (including QuietGlide brake clips) as opposed to replacing brake pads and not replacing the hardware.

“QuietGlide brake clips fit to the specifications of a vehicle’s original equipment clips, but most importantly, QuietGlide brake clips with drag and noise reduction technology maximize the performance of the entire brake system,” Miller said.

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