Anyone who’s ever worked as a car mechanic has seen what happens when customers “forget” to replace the brake pads and brake hardware when they’re supposed to.

Sometimes the pad is worn so badly that the metal plate has slipped off the caliper, causing it to overextend and lock the wheels. Sometimes the piston shatters in the caliper. Sometimes, the pad is completely worn and there’s nothing against the rotor except the piston, caliper and a terrible grinding noise.

No one likes coming in for a brake job. But using Carlson brake hardware can help make customers happier if they know they’re extending the life of the pads and won’t have to to come back and complain about squeaky brakes and premature pad wear.

Tips to Save Your Customers’ Brakes and Money

From a pure safety issue, Carlson recommends reminding customers that brake pads and hardware last an average of 35,000 to 45,000 miles and should always be checked at that point. However, explaining to customers how to extend the life of their brakes and save money is a no-brainer. It builds trust and loyalty.

Here’s what customers need to hear.

1. Slow Down

Driving fast may be fun but brakes pay the price. Stopping from high speeds is the #1 enemy of brakes and will wear them out faster than anything. The energy and heat produced from repeated stopping at high speeds kill brakes before their time.

2. Penny Wise and Pound Foolish

Hearing brake noises or feeling weird vibrations when driving is a symptom of what could be a serious problem. Waiting too long to get the problem diagnosed is not only unsafe but also poor money management since in the end they’ll most likely spend more money to repair the damage.

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Putting old brake hardware on new brake pads is another foolish move. It costs less than $20 for new brake hardware, which has been proven to extend the life of new pads and reduce noise. Tell them to buy the new hardware to help extend the life of the pads and brakes.

3. Think “Roller Coaster”

You know how roller coasters use the energy from the beginning to speed through lots of twists and turns? The same principle applies to cars. Coasting without braking preserves the brakes and extends their life.

4. Mom was Right—Buy Quality

Buying cheap brake pads or sticking old hardware on new ones causes the pads to wear out quickly and does nothing about the noise of squeaky brakes. Quality brake components, like Carlson’s QuietGlide® brake clips, are part of complex systems, designed for specific uses. Customers need to be shown which pads and hardware are right for them and why they need new brake hardware.

Although customers may still try to drive 100K without changing their brake pads and hardware, you can teach them how to boost the life of their pads and save money at the same time.